wedding buttons

Wedding day, an event that commemorates the day where two individuals become one. A celebration where couples cement their love for one another and vows an everlasting relationship in ups and downs of life. Well no wonder couples always winds up in complete frustration and head ache when planning a wedding. Specially for the bride. Certainly it’s hard to plan a wedding but it doesn’t mean you cant. At times what makes it so difficult to plan is because there are important aspects of a wedding that you don’t know and you haven’t grasped the essence of specific materials in wedding day. On the other hand what causes you a big headache is not item it self but because of the price you have to spend on such things.

But worry no more for Chapea Buttons have low-cost creative products that can cater to your needs. Its low price, personalize and its customize according to your own liking.

Custom Badges – A badge suitable for the best man, bridesmaid, and a souvenir for the guests. Its one of the cheapest yet the best way a guest can have to remember the couples they have been part of the celebration. Its usable, decorative and its flexible as it can cater any wedding theme.

Custom Pins – Want to add a luxurious touch in your wedding but want to save some money? Well Custom pins are best for you. In terms of aesthetic it surely does gave a luxurious feel.

Custom Magnets – Just one of the best souvenirs you can give to make the guest remember your anniversary. Since its customizable you can now cater for every guest taste in terms of design. Better yet why not etch the picture of the guest? Either way you can do what ever you please with it and at the end of the day its usability is what makes it worth it.

Custom silicone wristbands – Just one of the best and most used accessory in celebrations. Often used in parties, concerts, or any celebration. Overall it can cater to any event and it certainly suits well as a wedding souvenir.

Custom bottle opener – A bottle opener? Why not a wine stopper or opener? While those are far from being over rated but a bottle opener still one of the most used products out there. And usability is always the key to a wedding celebration.

Custom stickers – Stickers maybe just stickers and perhaps its not something you want to use as a display material in your home and you’d prefer a picture frame instead. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be use. Apart from having it as memento or a display material in your cabinet or mirror, it can also be use for scrapbooks. After all looking into scrapbooks always brings back the good memories and nourish them in a small book of wonders.

 Overall Chapea Buttons are your best choice for having quality creative items for your wedding. Providing you not just the best but the most affordable and complementing products for your wedding.