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Product Description

Round Custom Magnets

Promotional Magnets

Customize your fridge

Custom magnets to any metal surface decorate with your company name, image or logo you want. Every time you go to the refrigerator, you will see, they will remember! A picture, a name, a message, a phone … any information or desired layout appears reflected in advertising image of very different sizes to meet your needs.

In ChapeaButtons expanding our range of promotional items for advertising magnets and custom magnets for individuals and businesses in order to complete the promotional offer of merchandising for home and metallic surfaces.

We believe that your company can have a presence on any surface and context. You just have to find an imaginative way of promoting it. In our beginnings in 2007 we started with strength in the production of promotional sheets, magnetic sheets available in all sizes, from 25 to 75 mm.

For some time now this part we have expanded the business to address the sale of advertising magnets and other promotional products, and to compete with other competing companies believe that only we could “break the market” with a greater variety, better quality and prices more low.
Our custom magnets provide an especially important advantage that makes them attractive: quality and durability compared to other common magnets. We also propose fines magnets in design and shape.

Advertising magnets are mainly used by service at home or in general, insurance, meals and repairs, maintenance, etc. Today we also have many private clients who use them to make personalized keepsakes for their celebrations: baptisms, weddings …

Chapea division dedicated to selling advertising or custom buttons set 3 product groups:

Thin flexible magnets (traditional): customizable in both design and fit, they can be square, round, shaped like a car, house, etc.

Magnetic acrylic plates: available in various sizes and customizable full color with the highest quality.

Magnets Buttons are those that instead of pin or safety pin on the front carrying a magnet, are available in all sizes (25,31,38,50,59 or 75 mm).

Whichever model you select custom magnets. We guarantee the best finish and only from 50 units. If you have a button maker, remember that you can also button magnets.

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1-1/2 inch, 2-1/2 inch, 3-1/2 inch