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Custom Key Rings


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Product Description


If you need a special key model contact any of our dealers will gladly advise. Have metal keychains, synthetic leather, with custom shapes Countless models adptan surely your needs.

Always take them with you

With our custom keychains will no longer have excuses to offer an original and useful gift to your customers and partners, your family and friends. Make an original and fun, classic and elegant design to always want to accompany them wherever they go. The keychains are very practical gifts because there is always a key waiting for a traveling companion. Some people collect them or even hanging on the rear-view mirror of the car to accompany you, especially if the design has conquered them.

Its design will travel to all parts of the hand of these keychains, that useful, elegant, economical and fun gift that can completely customize the image and model to identify his signature.

Flashy icons, witty phrases, flags, emblems, logos or advertising can be the protagonists of this small stand with which we assure you will capture the public’s attention. Therefore, this product has become a sought proposal.

In ChapeaButtons we offer several models of advertising completely keychains, and many different materials such as acrylic, leather, metal, with currency for the supermarket, etc., all that you can ask yourself customized by our professional advertising design.

In addition, you have two very interesting options for the production of your custom keychains advertising.

You can request your order from 50 pieces and unlimited amount or color to your designs, that is, we can produce as many units as you need.

Usually customers prefer it that provide a steady output of keychains for your company or groups who want to produce their own personal capacity keychains creating their collections as training or market them to third parties.

In both cases you get an impeccable attention from our sales team.

If you are looking to undertake promotional advertising campaigns keychains, offers all kinds of models that will make your ideas a success.

Do not hesitate to contact Chapea specialist if you need advice or order directly online if looking for quality and speed of service.

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