Round magnets buttons

Brace yourselves because the future is here! User-customized products are no longer the thing of the future. They are here and they are here to stay. Personalized products for your home or office are the new thing on the market, and they can make you or your environment more unique and original. You can have your own one-of-a-kind wristbands, custom stickers, custom rings and even custom mirrors.

In this blog post, however, we’re going to talk more specifically about our custom fridge magnets.

ChapeaButtons offers a complete line of high-quality custom fridge magnets. These magnets are popular with service businesses, schools, cafes, bars, restaurants and many other businesses, including private residences.

You can choose between three groups of our custom fridge magnets:

  1. Standard thin flexible magnets, which you can personalize in size, shape (square, round, house-shaped, car-shaped, or any other shape of your choosing).


  1. Magnetic acrylic plates, again customizable in various sizes, and you can have them in rich colors of the highest quality.


  1. Magnet Buttons – they are called that way because instead of a safety pin (or just a pin) they contain a magnet.


With these cute metal decorative surfaces you can proudly display your company name, a dear photo or a logo of your choice. You can basically turn anything you like into a custom fridge magnet!

And it’s never been easier. All you have to do is choose the product you like, select the size and quantity and your order is complete. The second step is to send your designs to and you can expect your order on time or earlier!

At Chapea, we take our business very seriously and our customer satisfaction is a number one priority to us. That’s why prior to actually sending you your order, we will send you a photo sample, so as to make sure you genuinely like the final product. After your approval, the order will arrive at your doorstep within a few days. If you happen to have any further questions, we encourage you to contact us – we’ll be happy to help you.